Can i start a seedling in ffof


Hey guys was wanting to know if i could start a seedling in ffof? :v:


No the soil is to hot for seedling. But they do i believe sell a soil that has no nutrients or very little for seedlings.
One of the fokes maybe able to help you better i’em not so fo familiar with F & F products. you see i make my own soil.



To start seeds in a Fox Farm soil, you need Light Warrior Seed Starter.

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I’m growing an auto flower and don’t want to stress it could i put like a good layer over my ffof or would i have no choice but to transplant @MacGyverStoner


Can I get some adivce from some of you guys if you don’t mind @Countryboyjvd1971 @Paranorman @Hawkeye_diesel


I’ve never started a seed directly in it however I have started them in perlite/vermiculite mix and then transplanted them right into it

I believe I’ve also started them in Rapid rooters and then put them right into ffof so I don’t know what the answer is to this, sorry I couldn’t help you more


It’s all good man I can’t transplant tho because there autos @Paranorman


Is there a dude on here that grows nothing but autos cause I could use some help lol :v:t2:


Will @garrigan62 is the person you want to talk to, best of luck!


Yeah @Swan1234, I’ve never used it before. I wish I could help more with it.



Here is a link to my journal on Auto-flowering plants.
If you have any question please feel free to ask ok ?



you should be alright transplanting it even tho its an auto. my autos were transplanted twice


Sorry @Swan1234 I don’t grow auto so can’t be of much help to you :+1:


Yes i layer my soil every grow
I used Fox Farms Ocean Forest on bottom half of planter pot and Fox Farms Happy Frog top half of 3 to 5 gallon pots i also add perlite. It works great for me dont have to do anything but water with PHed water for about 5 weeks then run nutrients 1/4 strength but ive only grown 8 full grows so this is just my way hope it gives you a good idea of what you could do
My girls at 31 days with that soil mix there just starting to flowrr

There autos as well in final pots from 2nd week


Thanks man I’ll just go get a bag of happy frog and be on my way when leds get here. :v:t2:️ What strain?


That one is not from this site but its called Narco Purp Auto Flower so far so good and she smell great already


They look good how many plants do you think I can grow in a 36x20x60 grow tent (northern lights auto) @Brian091180


Well id do no more then 3 autos space them even … The big thing is getting the correct amount of light
Figure out your square footage …
You need 35 watts minimum for LED if youve got that covered your good to go …also youll need keep air exchanging and small fan to hit plants on low helps roots and keeps things nice forbthe ladies lol


I just ordered 2 mars hydro 300 so I’ll have good coverage and I’ll have good ventilation


Sounds like your all set.
Keep me up to date for sure