Can I smoke my cannabis still?

I had planted some cannabis and during the flowering phase when the lights were off I entered my room and turned on the incandescent lights to water my plants and see how they were coming along,I probably did that 3 times a week.I harvested my plants last week and each bud has a seed.Can I still smoke my buds? Also with these seeds can I plant them? They came from a regular seed so I should have a 50/50 chance of getting some females right?

Why would you disturbed the plants whilst they are resting. That is just a big no no no no. Yes you can still smoke them no problem. As for planting the seed, there is a good chance they will only produce males you might get lucky. But next time. Water them during the day… :sunglasses:

It does not matter why you disturebed your plants. It was a bad idea. Inanswer to your question; Just do not smoke the seeds :wink:

Yeah, the seeds can explode/crackle in a bong bowl or in a joint, its embarrassing, and a friend told me he knew someone who started a fire that way while stuffing some bud into a bong bowl and it snap/crackle/popped(like rice crispies) some embers over into some newspapers, I remember once I had to pick out a couple seeds off some good bud, but didn’t get them all. I remember reading from here that folks can put up a green coated light bulb, usually buying cfl style these days at a department store from what I can tell, I know I went to buy two of them clearance price months ago for possible later use, where I could swtich on a green light bulb to do an emergency check or emergency watering if they were in a dark cycle flowering.

I’ve ruined nice shirts and set my car seat on fire by adding seeds to my joints.

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The smoke will be still awesome In my experience with outdoor weed the best old strains will have one or two good seeds in it and are fine to grow with once you are past the sexing stage of the plant (male/female) can I ask what type of strain it was. to me it sounds like a good old one

Old Goat … you had me giggling out loud!

It’s called Ice Wreck,a cross between Trainwreck and Ice.I won’t say where I got the seeds because I don’t think it would look good in here.
Only 2 more weeks and I’ll be able to try it,these will be 2 LONG weeks.