Can I simplify harvest procedures if I am only making edibles?

Got 11 oz of OG Kush from first plant. Second CBD plant was just harvested. If I am planning only on doing edibles (cannabutter w/coconut oil) do I still need to dry to 62% humidity before using?

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It just takes longer to decarb wet, it doesn’t have to be dried and cured first

Dehydrator also works

You’re going to want to do a basic hang dry for a few days, but no need to cure or anything.

Last batch of CBD oil I made, I let the plant dry for 5 days, then made my extract. Turned out beautifully!


Did you use the Source for your CBD extraction?

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Yes, I used it to purge out the ethanol from the QWET.
The Source doesn’t actually make the extract, it just processes it down after it’s made. :grinning: The Source isn’t necessary, but it sure speeds things up and saves money.


I love the source!! Instead of 3 days to a week of evaporating alcohol it can do it in & hours or so and you keep the alcohol.

It uses a vacuum chamber to separate the products