Can I selectively harvest the big buds first?

I have three AK47 plants about 120 days old. Usually that would be plenty of time for the plants to mature but my lighting system is not the best so I’m guessing growth as not as robust as it could be. Some of the larger buds are showing maybe 50% brown pistils while the smaller buds are showing no brown pistils. I sampled one of the smaller buds yesterday and it produced a fine buzz. Harvest time is approaching. However, I’m wondering if it’s okay to just snip the larger browner buds now and let the smaller whiter buds keep maturing? So far the buds are not as gigantic as many of the pictures I’ve seen posted for this strain. I’ve used vegitative and budding fertilizers, however. My instinct is to let my plants grow about 2 more weeks, and I’m hoping to avoid letting it go too long and getting a narcotic type of effect.


Let it go longer not done yet. Wait till 90 % of trichs are matured, red orange brown, then check trichomes milky for energetic high amber for what the fudge was i doing oh well im not moving high lol

Get a usb microscope or jewelers loop to check them.

Thanks for the advice. This will be my first real harvest. (Last year I tried and failed due to phony seeds I bought on Amazon.)

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Yes you can selectively harvest the flowers. A lot of growers do this, to allow the lowers to continue to develop.


Sry about that

Yea you cant buy cannabis at amazon

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What a scam I’m picturing these little plastic seeds that never hatch

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Im picturing hemp seeds. Lol. I have like 300 seeds i planted 3 and they hermoed. Im gonna give them to my neighbor to give to his birds they love eating pot seeds lol. Just too expensive to feed to them. Maybe i should grow some hermoe plan t s and get a shish ton of seeds for the birds one of these grows. Should take tgem to my aunts and plant a bunch outside go grow. Hmm ideas ar lighting up now. The birds will love me.

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