Can I save this plant?

Looks like male but the top of it looks like female
Should I just pluck that bull or just throw the whole plant I also have another plant that’s female

That’s the top

Too young. Wont know for a while.

Is this a pod with a small stem? It looks like a boy part.


Yes ,should I keep this plant and cut that part
Or just throw it ?
I’m asking because the top looks like a female

Looks like I got a herm plant
What should I do
Thank you all for the help

You can take it off, but the plant looks pretty young. If it is young it is likely going to produce more of them. I would get rid of it as you don’t want any of those pods opening and contaminating your grow area with male pollen.

Can you get a more close up pic of that pod? I’d hate to steer you in the wrong direction.


Good eye @MidwestGuy . Blind here i guess. I run across them dudes more than i like.


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Yeah, that is a male pod. Sorry, dude.


Too bad :confused:

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That is a dude for sure. Might as well chuck it showing this early.

Thank you all for the help
I appreciate it

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Tanks again everybody happy to be in this community

Wish me luck with my last plant

Ps already mix and gave her both of my nut
Hopefully shell grow sting and fast
Tanks again

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That’s a small plant to already be flowering, but grow it out and get you a couple nice joints.

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What do you mean?

Got it thank you

Can I turn it back to veg?

Yep, if you’re doing 12/12, I’d flip it back to 18/6 and let it veg a few more weeks.

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