Can I save my bud that had mold? I cut some And now what?

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If it’s got mold get did of it. Don’t even try to smoke moldie pot



Yeah, toss it out bro. Nothing good can come from that. Just not worth the risk

Can I use the leafs from the plants that had Mold? Can I make Hash with them? I had 9 plants , my husband moved them to garden. I have 2 on my deck and those even seem to be getting mold. I have sprayed Neem oil, baking soda water and even tried alcohol and hydrogen peroxide . I think it’s to late to save them.Once plants get mold can u eradicate it? I am devistated! So hard work. Just need my husband to let me grow. I couldn’t move them again and he wouldn’t help me make a flower bed. Any suggestions so I don’t go through this next year? Can I use the leafs for Hash? I heard I could…

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Anything without mold on it can be smoked or used for hash. I’m sorry for your loss, it’s never something any grower should have to experience!

As for ways to prevent it from happening in your next grows? You can buy mold resistant sprays and foliar sprays to help prevent mold. Check out the seed store here and you’ll see the mold preventative, as well as other nutrients and concoctions. Also, while in flower if you can keep the humidity under 60% it will help. I know you grew outside but just a tip.

Tell hubby to let you grow inside, your hard work will pay off when you can completely control the environment :v:

And id like to add if you start out with mold resistant strains ,you will experience less problems with this ,especially in wet years .for a good choice of strains ,go the mj seeds button, and look thru the descriptions to help you select a strain . Let this guild you through’ not just your want’s But your need’s as a grower to help match the environment …I use sprays as a last resort …don’t want to plug up the stomas … watch for outdoor strain’s to begin with ,as itll lend to resistance to mold’s and pest’s etc… Hammer .

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ILGM has…Super Silver Haze (fem)…for sale and the details describe it as mold resistant.

Jorge Cervantes has a YouTube video about getting rid of mold right when you harvest. I can’t personally vouch for it but he’s a mentor to many of us

I’ll find it & link it after coffee
-good luck