Can I reverse my light schedule?

Due to weather getting cooler I would like to change my light schedule. Right now the lights are on 12 hours during the day and 12 hours off at night. I would like to reverse that to receive the warmth of the lights at night when temps are cooler. The question is: Can I leave the plants in darkness for 24 hours before going to 12 hours of light again? I am in week 3 of flowering and don’t want to create hermies.
Thanks for any help.

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Yes it can be done,. I never did it but there are great you tube videos for it.

That will work.

I had the same issue i ordered the tube like green house heater, works perfect, hung from ceiling of grow tent with fans blowing over it.

Great info to know, I didn’t want to switch in fear of leaking light in the day

delete the day time schedule and give A extra dark period next day start the light 12-12 at night @smokinjoe


That’s a different issue. Make sure there are absolutely no light leaks during the dark cycle.


And yes make sure it dark during light off

I think I would just shift the timer 4 hours at a time so they get 16 hours of dark each day for 4 days until the schedule is what you want. That way you don’t have to worry about it. But I’m not sure if that would hurt yield or not?

I switch my light schedule to night on and day off During the summer months because it’s cheaper and easier to keep temps down at night and the electric bill is cheaper. It’s easy. Just leave the plants in the dark while you switch @smokenjoke.

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