Can i reuse the same soil a plant all ready grew inside of to get 2 grows from one pot of soil

I just harvested my auto berry and I am thinking about starting another seed can I plant the seed inside the same flowerpot and soil that the plant I just harvested grew inside of ?

I wouldn’t you can but many minerals and microbes will be leftover and present in the soil from your last grow as well as rotting root matter which may harm or infect new roots. If you wish to reuse soil you would typically put it outside to leach out in the rain or weather or use it to make a new amended mix which you allow to cook off for several months.

Yea, when pulllng out a plant’s root ball - you have 1/2 soil “not” afraid because of the “stuff” we put in the soil, if can afford use new - if not use old- Interesting Point - of root ball is small and not filling your container - one must use a !root stimulator like Great White that contain’es “mycroohiza” (this site might have some) this is a necessity - if not using ; maybe consider it - your container should be root bound at harvest.

sounds like, an invitation to problems. in an already very problem prone task.

not worth the cost of a bag of soil. imo.

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