Can I put different size jiffy pots into a twenty gal fabric pot

I need some help.
I have a gelato seed germinated and want to know if I can put the seed into a small jiffy pot inside a 20 gal smart pot.
I do not want to transplant my plant because of shock.
It may be something you would do with an auto seed.
First time grow

Not something I would do, I’d start the seed in a solo cup and transplant when it gets bigger, there is no reason to be afraid of transplanting, Transplant shock does not exist in my world.

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Thanks. I use to grow orchids and transplanted into larger pot as needed.
My orchids were bigger than any I had seen.
So now I will start growing marijuana. I bet I will be better at this than I think.

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You say transplant shock is not in your world. Do you have a secret

He has one of the best guides. You can follow it here.

I and many others can validate the no shock method :slight_smile:

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I discovered a perfect jIffy casing that had been in my composter for nearly 2 years.
They do not break down in soil.
I would make DELICATE cuts with a razor blade in the casing prior to transplanting them into the big pot so the roots do not have to struggle to get out of the casing.
I hope this makes sense as I have been smoking Afghani. :sunglasses:

Not so much a secret, just methods that I’ve used for decades that I’ve found to work well.

Here is what I do: I start the seedling in a small styrofoam cup(a Solo cup will do, as well). When the seedling is ready to be transplanted, I simply cut the cup in half, tip the plant out of the cup and into my hand, then transplant it into the bigger pot. No disturbance of the roots at all.

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