Can I put a tent in a tent?

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Question? I am about to start my first ever grow. I have a 4 X 8 Tent which is plenty big for all I need. Will I be able to put up a dividing wall and have a spot for a few Mothers while having other plants in flower behind the dividing wall? Is it just the lighting schedule that differs?

Yes, that’s the basic principle, but to get into this a little farther, flowering and vegging in the same tent has its environment challenges. Flowering you want the humidity very low 40% or less, but the vegging you want 50% or higher.
Not saying you can’t, but you’ll have to seal up the wall air tight as well as light tight.
Most people flower and veg in separate tents, for the above reasons.
I have a 2in1 tent, but its all vegging plants in different stages. I flower in a separate tent.


Yes lightning is the difference, so you will need to make absolutely sure that light for your mothers is not seeping into where your flowering plants are. Also, what @Covertgrower said about humidity levels is absolutely true and necessary for a successful grow.