Can I put 48 hour's dark

I want to know if I put all my girls in dark for 48 will it hurt to turn lights back on 12 hours to finish 10 weeks plant???


What’s your goal by doing 48 hours of darkness. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with it?

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48 darkness at end of bud life will help increase tricome. But I have some that go 8 weeks and some 10 weeks . I want to know if it will harm the 10 weeks plants

This is not for increasing trichome production nor will it. It is supposed to cause residual salts to migrate into the root mass which is then cut away at harvest. Normally accompanied by a flush or water only.


I do flush with R.O.water only for 2 weeks. So darkness is not needed if you flush?

Your plant isnt going to produce any more trichomes then it already has by doing that. Like Myfriendis410 said above…long dark periods are usually right before harvest.


Thanks you all for input.
So I will wait intil trichomes are get ready :stuck_out_tongue:


What strain/cultivar? Mine me asking @Interlu

In the pic is granddaddy Purple and I have Purple kush, G.S.C.E.and my favorite 2 gorilla Glue

Here are some pics of P.K.,G.D.P.,G.G.,G.S.C.E.


Love the grow my dude much respect stay the course. @Interlu what seedbank?

ILGM :grin::grin:The seedbank that order from

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your harvest can be early with 48hr dark time then a 12/12 cycle kind of stressing things - matbe more trichomes that is “ripe” trichomes. onlty time I use a 24/48 dark time just before transition stage (this will shorten you flower time)

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I concur with the admin squad on this and I’m a fan. Any kinda extended dark period then a chop and proper cure will take your bud up a notch. I wouldn’t risk stressing the other plants out to do it though. Nothing beats a proper cure.


Thanks for all the info

curring is were it happens and really is 50% of the whole process - one can grow good pot but if not properly curred