Can I move plants outside once I want them to start flowering?


A question of a fellow grower: Is it a bad idea to move my plants outside once I want them to start flowering. I’m starting inside around January. My parents don’t want the smell so I am moving them outside after. Is this a bad idea. I live in Alberta by the way so its very cold in jan.


Yes it’s a bad idea. Unless you vegg them for 5-6 months until it starts getting warm again. But that will mean days are getting longer also. Best bet would be to get a good tent and carbon filter for the smell


I agree with horn head would be a very small investment to have exhaust fan and carbon filter to vent the smell outside. Good luck


Unless you never open your tent your going to get smell even then u smell it very lightly…


Unless the outdoor temps are appropriate for gardening, then no, do not put your plants outside. January is winter in Canada.

Carbon filters will do wonders. My partner hates the smell. With a carbon filter, no complaints. Yes, when you open your tent you might catch a whiff, but as long as you do it while your parents are not home, you’ll be fine.

Please don’t put your plant outside in January…in Canada.


it gets warmer around April so that would be about 4 months of veg stage. Is it bad for the plant or anything. The temp during the day is 65 or higher in the sun. At night I would move them inside. I am just wondering if moving from my light to natural sun would be bad or not


Unless you have autoflower plants, they will not veg and flower correctly if you put them out in April. They need longer than 14 hours of light to veg and less than 12 hours to flower. You can lookup day lengths for your area online. Growing in the far North or South (South America) can be a problem because frost comes before they are ready to harvest. Your best bet is just to get a filter for your tent.

Autoflowers have genes from ruderalis from Siberia. They don’t care about day length and start to flower immediately to beat the frost.


i do hae auto flowering plants


Then your plants almost have no “veg phase”. Certainly not one you can control with lighting. Just plant your seeds any time the weather permits and they will flower very quickly. The best temp for weed is about 77 F, so plan ahead. Your strain should have a known time from planting to harvest.