Can I mix sunshine and grow lights

Yeah, I’m not going lol, I’m gonna stay here and snowmobile.

I’m staying in bed this winter and or smokin up last years Northern Lights :sunglasses:


Tell your daughter tp prepare for the flight attendants walking down the aisles of the aeroplane spraying insect repellant with both hands just prior to landing in Oz.

Have a head scarf at the ready…:mosquito::warning:

Oh ok I will! That’s gross

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I didn’t know till I did some research on Australia. Oz is another name for Australia.

I previously had a different association of the name Oz, prison, aside from the Wizard of Oz. :earth_asia:

Hi Prince
is James 68…are you out there ?

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Hello James!

I’m still here often on but seldom do any posting.

Saw your post on an email just now.

:deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer: :deer:

Hello Prince33 :grin:
so very good to hear from you after the cut and thrust of the last 3 years. I survived …but barely.

ILGM does not ship seeds to Great Britain (even though they ship out of Amsterdam) any more due to Brexit, which was and is a tragedy as I see the UK sliding down the tubes…thank Gaia I live in Wales.
Are you well and agrowin herb ?
I just kicked off my seeds a bit late here as its been a long hard winter and just of late the sun is returning.
Bestest Wishes to you.

James -

Haven’t grown herb since that summer of 2019. That was a great summer for me and this site was really rocking that summer and fall. New people came on board that spring and summer and clicked with each other.

I put in alot of effort on growing that single five pound fabric pot. For an Autoflower it took over four months for it to flower. By that time it was already November when the temperature was in the sixties. The harvest was not very strong.

By the time my seeds gets in it may be a bit late to grow this season. I’ll seriously give it another try next spring.

I’ve been fine during the pandemic. I live I ln a tiny village and have had little contact with people except when going to market for supplies. :bison:

James -

Surprised to learn ILGM no longer shipping to the UK.

I emailed ILGM yesterday for the reason why they’ve stopped shipping to the UK. They said that they now only ship within the USA.

Here’s their reply:

Hi ,

Thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately, right now we don’t ship to your country, but we might in the future.

Currently, we only ship to the USA.

We’ve made a risk assessment for every country, weighing the risks of selling or products there vs. the benefit of helping more customers.

We do know the specifics of your country, but I am sorry to say that we do not ship there.

Feel free to head over to our website and learn all you can about growing marijuana!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.


Claire | Support Angel

Bummer! :rainbow:

Where I live is called a Settlement so I am envious of you living in a village, we have a bus stop and a defiblerator machine and thats about it …o yeah mucho sheep and cows and birdies .google maps uk sa15 4rw
I may have to come to west Ma to do some shopping
but I can go here, but ILGM’s seeds of the Ace of Base !

It’s the same where I live. The village, though really it’s more like a hamlet, about forty houses. It only has a post office that opens week days from 2:15 pm to 4:15 pm, Saturday’s from 8 am to 11:30 am. There’s a bus stop a mile up the road where it intersects with a major roadway.

I have to drive three miles for the nearest market, three miles further to a so called city, though it’s more like a town. It has a few small shops that barely survives and an organic co-op market. I have to travel another fifteen miles to a Whole Foods Market, which is a chain store in the US and Canada or perhaps now parts of Europe. Whole Foods Market is now owned by Amazon. It’s a great supermarket selling mostly organic wholesome foods, organically grown fruits and produce, wild caught fish, grass-fed beef with no antibiotics, and organically fed poultry.

There are eggs from what’s called pasture-raised poultry which sells for about nine to ten dollars a dozen(GBP 7.34 - GBP 8.16).

Perhaps the markets are same where you are.

Yes, the world has gotten very weird and I suspect will get worse in the coming years till everything comes tumbling down. I feel we’re in the midst of a reset, astrologically we’re going from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

From what I’ve read, the folks who control the world wants to create a robotic world, an artificial intelligence world by 2030. I’m so glad I’m reaching the end of this life. I’ll soon be 80!!! Though I still have a lot of energy and youthfulness from taking extra good care of my diet and thinking and believing the body doesn’t need to age. I haven’t gotten sick since I was 23 when I was down with the flu for two weeks. After that I studied nutrition and hiw to keep the body strong and healthy.

Unfortunately or fortunately, except for my being, there’s very little that I truly value in this world, now that I’m in the winter of my years.

I’ve come to the realization that what most of us do with our lives, from day to day, year in year out is merely keeping the body alive at the highest aesthetic level possible, earning as much money as we can for better homes, cars, clothing, food, travel, better schools, and for some, acquiring as much power as they can for whatever their reasons. But in the end we all die. Whether there’s life after the physical life remains a question for many. Ultimately, everything we’re told to believe, what is right or wrong, how to live life is all man-made. Even the concept of God is man made. Yet, we really don’t know what life is really about. We form theories. That’s all we have.

I will seriously think of growing weed next spring. You must be an expert at growing weed by now. I’ll come to you for advice on type of soil and additives before I start in early April, gathering everything I’ll need, purchase the seeds in March. Curious, how do you grow weed so it will yield seeds? Can you do it with Autoflower? Or, perhaps cloning would be easier.

Till the next time . . . :cactus: