Can I mix sunshine and grow lights

Monday Prince
Off hand, how many gram or ounces do you reckon your harvest yield to be, dry six ounces/170 grams?

Thats a zillion $ question my Prince, as a rule of green thumb I try to produce enough viable cured pot to get me through 3 months of puffing herb @ 30 grams a month, so 90 to a hunzo grams of superb herb justifies my investment in time, water, nutes,electricity, paranoia, love and the good earth.

Anything more is Captain Beefheart time !!! :green_square::blue_square::brown_square::purple_square::red_square::white_large_square::black_medium_square::brown_circle::large_blue_circle::yellow_circle::red_circle::orange_circle::large_blue_circle::brown_circle::black_circle:

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Maybe of interest to you perhaps . . .

Ever heard of ABC: Australian Bastard Cannabis?

I came across ABC from a topic here, Aborigine Grow From Seed by Medijuana.

My consumption of weed used to be about four grams a month. Now four grams last me about two weeks.

Since I have only one strain, the effects have waned.

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James do you mind linking your light again.
I want to ensure your giving her the best available amount of light in the time you have left.

Are you able to download a LUX meter app for your phone and take a reading on the plant both at the top and mid way to the side.
You are on a 12/12 cycle?

We Can do some DFI math and make sure you get the best results for your light/power used.

I am afraid I do not own a cell phone, it is very kind of you to offer assistance but it was a one off planting on the 5th of August of a single Auto Bergmans Gold Leaf seed grown in my indoor centrally heated de-humidified (45%) greenhouse as a test to see if I could manage a late harvest without artifical means . I have always grown by natural light and I get my beans hot to trot in March and try to achieve a double harvest so I can get very stoned all year long also you wrote ‘do you mind linking your light again’…I do not know what this means ?
My gal is on 12/12 hrs cycle (almost) …:star_struck:
Regards to you
James :smiley:

ps : BergmansGold Leaf s one hell of a bud laden bush…fer sure !


when I lived in Oz you went to jail for possesing Playboy magazine let alone dope.

I left the southern hemisphere in 1974 when I was a youthfull hippy with a 29" waistline and a bulging pocketfull of American Express Travellers Cheques

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Fair enough sir I understand your situation slightly better, we all have a different one, I missed that in your original post my apologies.
So it was a test. While it looks like it turned out a little later than expected at last now you know.
You can use that light to kick your seeds off early next year at least.

When I meant link your light I was asking you to provide a website link for where you got it.
Or just giving us the model and power rating would allow us to look up some stats. It’s a 400w led but not sure what brand/make/model.

Man it must smell wonderful in your house?

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It sure does my friend,I think heavenly :innocent:is the word and tonight is Spaghetti Bologenese night here in Western Wales…come on over :partying_face:

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smoke more herb :scream:

by the way how did your harvest work out for you ?

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Sounds great! What goes into that dish?

Will you be pairing that with a white wine or red wine?

Oz, really? Hmmmm. Very interesting.

Mind telling me how old you were and how long your residence there?

Was it a pleasant experience?

I would find it an interesting, unusual experience. I can say this now because with what I know about reality and the large degree of inner freedom and wisdom attained through my now advanced years, though at present I can easily pass for a man in his early fifties.

I took extremely good care of myself during my twenties through my fifties. After that I got lax with my strict regime. I lost a lot of my fears and insecurities.

I had placed great importance in my physical appearance my early years to my fifties.

I knew it was through proper nutrition, weight training and mind power that I would be able to create the look I desired. I would visualize and desire how I wanted to be and look, continuously maintaining that thought and vision. I attained my goal.

Age 23 I went on a strict raw vegetable/fruit diet, drinking two quarts of fresh carrots, beets and cucumber juice with green salad and fresh fruit. Fasted every three months for seven days, irrigating my Colin every morning during the seven days. After a year, I happened to look at myself nude in the long mirror after my shower. I was astounded! My weight was well distributed and body very well proportioned. I was stacked.

I used my appearance to attract relationships and all the sex I desired.

After a while you realize the value of beauty from within. I found intimacy with physically beautiful people largely boring and empty, no passion or excitement. They had little depth to their character, just an empty, narcissistic individual. The best sexual intimacies I’ve experienced were average-looking. So now I never judge a book by its cover. It’s all in the tasting.

No longer lift weights, just do Hatha Yoga.

But you at Oz. I just hope your stay there did not leave any emotional/psychological marks on you.

Thanks very much for sharing this with me.

:deer: :zebra: :elephant: :chipmunk: :panda_face: :water_buffalo: :unicorn: :dromedary_camel: :water_buffalo: :elephant: :horse: :zebra: :elephant: :chipmunk: :panda_face: :unicorn: :deer:

It wasn’t really a harvest, I decided to complete her life cycle by simply cutting her down. I gave her a long goodbye hug, told her why I’m completing her life cycle.

I had a relationship this past summer with a Northern Light Autoflower Marijuana. Imagine that.

I hung her upside down in the basement where it’s pitch dark.

After she’s completely dried, thinking of using Hogmaster’s recipe for his version of RSO.

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I’m sending one of my daughters there in January

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I did a search on the recipe in Pinterest and found an authentic Bolognese sauce recipe. Viewed a video making the sauce. Now my mouth is watering for Bolognese sauce with Pappardelle pasta, which the recipe recommended, complimenting it with a nice Barolo wine.

I love pasta, Northern Italian cuisine, prime ribs and a slew of others.

But alas, my diet is comparatively plain. I eat very plainly. My diet is basically steamed vegetables and grains, organic brown rice, rolled oats, fruits, fresh vegetable juices, carrots, beets, cucumber, celery, etc.

I love wine and scotch whisky like the brand, Ardbeg which has a strong taste of peat and smoke that I like. It takes me an hour or so to sip a dram of scotch, savoring the taste a good while before swallowing.

Papparadelle pasta

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To Wales ?

Fabuloso !

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ah Giacomo, è un pasto abbondante, ed è semplicemente favoloso!

:lobster: :hot_pepper: :broccoli: :crab: :oden: :ice_cream: :wine_glass: :fried_shrimp: :hot_pepper: :broccoli: :crab: :oden: :ice_cream: :wine_glass: :fried_shrimp: :hot_pepper: :lobster:

Mirboo North and some other places. Going to meet pen pals.

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thats in australia…real real hot :hot_face:

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