Can I mix sunshine and grow lights

its a 400 watt source and i am slowly introducing her to LED light, i intend to go to 16 inches on Sunday,

400 watt led -400 SMD

ps : its a camera angle thing as the plant is actually 18 inches from source, i agree it looks weirdly high as am I :rofl:


you can learn a heck of a lot from your root system
all roots in my experience are of diffferent sizes and I keep mine and dry them and use them as fly swats in summer. i shall endeavor to get some nice pics for you plus measurement over the weekend…Priscilla is 2184 hours old today ! :champagne:

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Ha! Ha! Ha! :smile:

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that’s us both ! :wink:

the weather is blowing in hard and wet from the grey Atlantic and its vile to say the least for a natural light (there is none) shoot of Miss P in her finerey …Sunday looks more promising light wise:high_brightness:


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James, what are those tall black poles originally designed to do? Are they used in a lighting system?

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Thanks for bringing Walden to my attention. Have some knowledge of Thoreau but have never read Walden. He interests me. Downloaded the book just now. :umbrella:

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the small stands are from my Dedo Lighting Kit and the big ones are Proelle Audio Stands used in supporting sound monitors but at the moment they are supporting my WW2 silk parachtue and blackout material, Miss P loves her Hobbit hole :roll_eyes:

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Hail Yaakov!

Yaakov: Hebrew


Jacomus: late Latin


Jacobus: Latin


James: English


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Bonjour mon Ami,
30" from soil to THC oozing tip as of this afternoon. as promised,some snaps of the gal in question…

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So, you do know some Welsh!

:hearts: :fireworks: :kiss: :hearts: :fireworks: :kiss: :heartbeat: :fireworks: :kiss: :hearts: :kiss: :fireworks: :heartbeat: :fireworks: :kiss: :fireworks: :hearts:

Si Hombre !

Welsh is the first language here.


Prynhawn da Seamus . . .
Shw mae?

Wyt ti’n dod yma yn aml?

O ble wyt ti’n dod?

Ti’n moyn dawnsio da fi?

Siarada Cymraeg â fi, os gweli di’n dda

Tywysog :soccer:

Superb Seamus!

I’d like to see her root system after you’ve harvested, if you will.

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What is the pot sitting on?
That is useful when watering. :droplet:

thats the metal cover off my old fan :partying_face:

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my pleasure

Rwy’n dod o Tasmania :cowboy_hat_face:

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Do you now identify yourself a Cosmopolitan or still an Australian or preferably a Tasmanian?

Tasmania is an island state of Australia?

Off hand, how many gram or ounces do you reckon your harvest yield to be, dry six ounces/170 grams?

I’m just another stranger in a strange land.