Can I mix General Hydroponics fertilizer with other fertilizer

Can I mix General hydroponic nutrients with the nutrients from ilgm someone please let me know I really appreciate it

As a general rule, no.
Nutrients from different sources often chelate when mixed causing them to form tiny pebbles or mica like layers in the bottom of the tank. This is a waste of fertilizer and may clog your equipment.
Plus, if there are different ratios and dilution rates, you will have to do a lot of math to figure out what you are actually feeding.
If you must, try a test solution in a gallon jug of water. Agitate and let sit for a day. Then check how it looks. If all looks OK,!then start calculating your EC and PH. If still good, just try it out on a sample plant before using it for the entire grow.
Best of luck.

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