Can I mix Fertilizer

My question is I’m in the first week of flowering. Can I mix Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big along with Tiger Bloom or would that be too much fertilizer.

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You can mix it as per their feeding schedule. I mix all together every time I water.

You probably have this but… I mix together, in a gallon, whatever it says for the week I’m in. I’ve been doing 1/2 strength though.

You can also see it give TDS PPM reference at the top. Based on those numbers, they are certainly expecting you to mix them together.

Okay thank you Matthew. I didn’t want to burn up with too much fertilizer.

Just go light on them to start. I’m still doing 1/2 doses and I’m 3 weeks into flower. Going to start adding more today since I think they need it. I mix in cal-mag as well.

Do you have a TDS meter? A sure way to tell if it’s too much is to check the PPMs.

Good luck!

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You beat me posting the bible of ff nutes @Matthew420 lol
You are good

No I don’t have one of those checker’s. I have mosture and pH testers is
all. But next time I water I will do the half dosage for a few weeks.

What is calmag

Cal-Mag is a pretty popular additive. It would be good to at least have some on hand. I’m running into a calcium deficiency now so I’m glad I had it on hand.

Okay my friend I will pick some up.

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I have a Cal Mag I have had for a grow and a half and not needed using the fox farms . A mentor suggested Liquid Karma it helps with stress of trans planting or transition to flowering. Not saying the Cal Mag is a bad thing or that you don’t need it just I wish I hadn’t bought so many things That I ended up not really needed to grow . The FF trio along with the dry trio was real good to my plants all on it’s own . But with all the extras I don’t really need I could have got largre fruity mix pac of ILGM beans instead . :flushed:


I’m using FFOF and the nutes and still need the cal-mag. I think partly because my water is so low in PPM’s to begin with.

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One of those things, if you need it you’ll be glad to have it. But, you could always run out and buy it if you see a problem.

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I with you @Matthew420
I’m using the fox farms liquid trio and had to use cal mag
Had calcium def in veg stage once cal mag was added problem solved I also added a tea spoon per gallon of epsom salt for extra magnesium
Nice healthy green plants the rest of the grow :grin::+1:

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Thanks Countryboy. I think they are getting better.

They look good hard to see the color under led light but they seem happy and healthy
If you don’t have the cal mag I would pick some up its cheap enough and you don’t need a lot so it will last you a few grows
Happy growing :v:️️CB