Can I make way for new colas?

Can I trim a few of this big juices baby’s off to make more light for new colas to sprout up from underneath?? I have tied down everywhere I can and even bent a few branches the way I have learnt in monstor cropping YouTube clips. But if I cut a few of these big fan leaves the light will penetrate the growth better underneath. I am at week 3 goNna go for week 4 maybe 5 then do the switch. I have plenty of room.

That’s funny , I just did the same thing tonight lol
It’s ok but don’t go over board cause though big leave’s are solar panesl for the plant to live. or maybe you can move them or tie’em back if not ya go for it


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I am so proud of your grow. You are on track. Continue to bend and rotate the plant. Can you get a 100-150watt side lamp?

If you need to prune; I can say that you could remove small branches from the bottom, but lightly. In fact; I have done this and cloned the removed branches, just by sticking them in damp used soil LOL. REally. :smile:
hope this helps. Nice plants

Yes I have a new light arriving today… Thanks so much. This grow is sweet.

Hey latewood. I have always been lucky with clones like that. I have never followed the steps that people say ya should do. I just stick em in and off they grow. True. Even the scissors I use are the same scissors I chop my weed up with. So they aren’t exactly sharp and usually a build up if resin. Lol. But they take root still. Two of my clones were on 1cm long of the bottom of an outdoor plant that didn’t get any good sun light so they didn’t grow. Amazing what this plant can do.

I tend to do the same thing. I take cuttings. I place immediately in a cup of water. This keeps them from sucking air, and later having an embolism and dting…LOL

I also tend to cut mine with scissors, since I can never find a razor blade when I need it. Once I get the few cuttings; I take them from water (w/Liquid Karma), that I also soaked my rockwool in beforehand;’ Trim the leaves, cut my 45 degree cut, and place in cubes. I then spray them with No-wilt, ot Miracle Grow “Leaf Shine”. These products cause the clone to stand erect, and you do not need a dome. I still use a dome anyway for good measure.

I have built aero cloners, bubble cloners, and they all work great, but in the end; I do what is described above and it works great; Just like you said :slight_smile: Peace

p.s. In general I err on the side of teaching the stringent rules of cloning in order to allow people to do learn the right methods. Once they do they can make their own shortcuts by applying experience, and common sense.

100%. Peace dude., :+1: