Can I link two tents together?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if I could link two tents together in the aspect of sharing climate? That way I wouldn’t need two of everything could I just duct the one tents filter into the other tent? Then with the second tent just vent out as normal?

Hope this makes sense.

I’m setting up in a shed so it’s hot in summer and cold in winter so I’m trying to avoid from buying double the equipment for each tent.

Just a thought


I don’t see why this would be a problem. Do your tents have the does on both sides? You could open them and just pout them together to make one large tent.

I don’t got a second tent yet just brain storming for when I do! :upside_down_face:

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You could forgo the tents and insulate the shed. Put in a small window air conditioner for the summer and a space heater in the winter.

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That’s a 10yr goal. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is exactly what I did to my 10x16 shed. Fully insulated with a WIFI controlled window AC unit. I have a large capacity dehumidifier (I live in the Deep South).

I also have a large portable AC/Heater/Dehumidifier unit as a backup or for extreme days.

I can monitor my AC unit via my phone and adjust as necessary. It also allows a schedule so I can auto drop the temp at night to mimic a fall evening.

Using the shed as my lung room works great.


You don’t want to pull air through one tent and then to the next. This would be supplying co2 depleted air to the second tent and the plants need co2 to thrive. You can share one fan for two tents if the fan is big enough, but you just want to use something like a Y to each tent so that it moves air from both.