Can I leave the lights on 24 hours

Now that my plants are 4 weeks old and doing well can I leave the lights on all the time for a week or so? I have been running 18 hours from day one.

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You could… not sure why you want too… :wink:
Just like you or I , plants could use a rest…
I like to run 16 on and 8 off in vegg… plants seem to really like it and stay healthy… :wink:
Up to you tho… :wink:



Thanks. Just eager this is my first grow. I’m really excited at how quickly they are growing.


I dont know CAN you? lol j/k typically the 24hr light cycle is used for cloning and sprouting seeds but after x plant the photoperiod is reduced to 18/6. I use lowered photoperiods during veg like 14/10 if im trying to slow down growth to lengthen timelines if i’m waiting to move plants from veg room to flower room.

Dark period is the highest growth I’ve seen … It promotes root growth as well

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yes a 6 hour dark period is typical anymore than that reduces potential yields IMO

Im doing 17 on rest off I think that gs ok to and it’s good to give them that rest bless