Can I leave my buds on for reveg?

Got a nice unknown bag seed female that’s stole my heart but she ain’t as big as I wld like her to be…so can I leave my buds on and just put her back in the 18-6 light schedule?

I think it depends on how big the buds are. You wouldn’t want to reveg big buds.

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You can harvest the buds when they’re done, just the big colas. Leave all fan leaves on and be gentle with her. You can then go back to the 18/6 schedule and pit her back into veg. It takes a while so be patient.

If you’re asking about leaving the buds on, going into veg, then back into flower to increase their size, no, it won’t work. As soon as she goes into veg those buds will lose their trichomes /resin and most likely seed itself.


Thanks…so do I need to go ahead and cut the bigger buds off and leave the smaller ones?

Keep in mind some of this is theoretical to me. I’ll be happy to hear contrary evidence.
I’ve taken a plant to harvest, then re vegged, and cut clones, which I’ve then brought to harvest. I’ve never revegged and brought the same plant to harvest again.

I’d assume you cut off as many fully developed buds as you feel comfortable with; Leaving as much of the fan leaves and plant as possible. I’d probably stagger my harvest so as not to completely shock the plant, i.e. The biggest buds on one day, the next a week later, and the rest a week after that. Then begin grow nutes, and 18/6 light schedule.

Believe I’m gna go ahead and harvest her, I got her in a tent with all blue widow females that’s just starting veg and I’m not wanting to take any chances of the other plant cmn back hermie or smthn cause I heard that it’s a possibility she cld turn…