Can i just put the plant in my balcony and just let mother nature do the work?

i just ordered the White Widow Autoflower seeds and im wondering if i can just get some really good soil put it on my balcony and pretty much let the sunlight do the work? i dont have much space for lights and tents.

Sure can. Just get a pH meter for under $20 and always adjust your water to pH 6.5. Then get some spinosad at a home improvement store and spray them every couple of weeks to keep the bugs down.

thanks brother

A little bloom fertilizer for when they start to flower would be good, too.

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Sure, just remember autos don’t tolerate stress or hot soil very well.

What can I do to avoid stress?

No transplanting, no high stress training, no over/under watering, no major temp or humidity issues, keep pH in check, keep nutes in check. Autos just don’t have the time to recover from stress, so if stressed, your plant could become stunted.

im gonna have to do some googling on most of those things, can you recommend me a good soil from amazon?

Autos will do great on a balcony with good light. Temps need to be watched but you can ice the soil in an emergency if the temp gets too high.

Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Is a good soil. It is not too hot. Just right to add some good nutes when it needs it. Pre fertilized soils can add too many nutes at the wron times so I suggest it only for controlled environs and advanced growers usually.

Stress can come from the environment too, like wind or hail. And lastly keep an eye out for bugs.

would you recommend fox farms ocean forest over Roots Organics soil? the less i have to baby the plant the better for me :slight_smile:

I don’t know that soil. I use Dynagrow food. I bought a quart of Grow food and a quart of bloom food in 2015 and I am still going on it. Just add 1/2 tsp to a gallon of water, check ph and go. There are better foods, that brand is the economy brand that still works well.

@garrigan62 knows more about different soils and autos than I.

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First I want to welcome you to ILGM
And I see you have met a few of our members. They are some pretty awesome fokes. So far they have given you sound advice and I thank them all for that.

But if you just want to water and walk away I suggest that you make your own soil as I do. If your interested . Tag me and I’ll hook you up so you can do just that water and walk away for a few days. Mean time check out my journal. It’s all about what you want to do.

The fruity pack and gold leaf begain


Can I put an infant out on the balcony and forget about it? I’ll give it a water cooler and a bag of dry dog food, will that do? <sarc/off>

I doubt it will survive, leave alone thrive. Back in the day when the military gunships (huewies) patrolled the sky looking for the sacred plant, we called that attitude tossing seeds over your shoulder and run!

WW autos are tough. Mine were put in $3/bag peat moss soilmix, left mostly alone in the woods. Temps 54-72. Only gave them some tablespoons of granulated nutes in 3 months and they did great.

So definitely possible!

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Out of curiosity, which direction does your balcony face?

I use roots 420. Love it great soil

is facing east @anon35207245 @garrigan62 but i decided to use my closet instead, will be growing only one plant (maybe two) at a time. i have nothing but the white widow seeds so ive made a wish list of all the things i need to buy and id appreciate you guys opinion on this set up i got on my shopping cart.let me know if i covered everything

Maybe for the best, because I once thought I could grow a plant on a west-facing windowsill that got hardly any direct sunlight thanks to the houses across the street and, well, let’s just say it wasn’t a success as I had a tall spindly thing with hardly any decent buds.

Had you been more south facing then I would have said to go for it because it would certainly not have been as bad as that first ever attempt of mine.

Southern exposure is critical. If you can’t get that, then the closet is better. The main thing you need inside is good lights and an exhaust fan. One plant at a time is fine. With a little training it will fill your whole closet.