Can I have your opinion please on what you think?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am growing Autoflower Candy Cane going on week 13

The pistils are more than 75% red, but going by the trichomes is where I’m not sure. I see some clear some cloudy, then on different angles I’m not sure if I’m seeing shadows or lighting. Can I have your opinion please on what you think? Im not going for the ripe amber trichomes, but don’t want to harvest before its ready.

Judging by the pictures it looks like your still early yet
The head of your tricombe is what you want to watch thats where all your goodness is
When your heads are all cloudy your thc is at its peak
It’s normal to see tricombes at different stages looks at several spot to gauge over all percentages
Yours still look mostly clear though

Clear to early
Cloudy thc is at its peak
Brown or amber and thc is breaking down equaling more couch lock

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I am the one who the post was for. Thank you for the quick response. So Im a 1st time grower learning a whole lot. I do think my girls are just about ready for harvest. At least to me most the Trichomes look cloudy to me. I think best case from what I think I want is to harvest just as the the 1st notice of amber trichomes. I have no problem waiting…
However my girls had a rough start. Wrong soil with heavy time release fertilizer. Lesson learned. 1 of the plants showed some yellowing but some cal/mag helped. Right now they are starting to look real yellow in the bud area. I do hear this is normal, but is it to this extent? Should I just harvest now or wait a few more days?