Can i have a small grow op in my shared apartment without my roommates knowing?

I am thinking about buying a 2x2x4 tent to keep in my closet when winter rolls around but i live in an apartment with one other person who may or may not like marijuana.
The setup i will have is a 240m3/h carbon filter paired with a 180m3/h outlet fan
Will the smell be manegeable or will they smell it as soon as they walk in to my room?

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Probably not! Between the noise, smell and everything involved in caring for weed, there is no way you’ll be able to conceal what it takes to grow.


Quality filters work very well. But you also need to be able to exhaust it outside. Your problems going to come in when you open the tent to water or take care of your plants and at that point hard to control the odor and it’ll linger around for a little while. Sounds like you need to have a talk with roommate an you will either get a GO or a NO. good luck


even if you get a GO from your room mate if you live in an illegal state you are giving your room mate ammunition against yourself. you will feel like a hostage that no matter what they do you cant say anything for fear they will get mad and turn you in.


Stealth growing, legalities aside, this could be done.
If you get a properly disguised cabinet, or even in your closet. With a high efficiency lighting, good filter, and a good fan.
Problems will rise when you open the tent in flower. Recommend increasing fan speed to eliminate smells escaping. Smell will be the only thing that would potentially give you away.
Venting inside the room is going to be best, exhausting outside just leads to more suspicion. Keeping a door closed before opening a tent for whatever reason, and keeping it closed for a few hours to get the room cleared out afterwards you should be fine.

Store any growing supplies in a tote. Do not leave anything out.