Can I harvest half the plant?

I have a mature plant planted last April. Blueberry. It is a large sized plant but the buds have grown slow and they look to be a bit on the thin side. I can’t tell if the plant has given all its got and I can harvest now or if another couple weeks would make possibly a big difference. I was wondering if I could cut off a big section of the plant, representing say a half, and leave the remainder on the stalk a couple more weeks to see what it does. Does that make any sense?

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Yes, you can absolutely harvest part of the plant and leave the rest to mature. This is common practice among growers.


Oh god I love easy answers. Thanks Raustin.

Here’s close up of said plant.

She looks pretty done.

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She does, it’s just that the buds are still looking like they’ll be pretty light and airy. They have no density.

Then you should definitely let her go a couple more weeks to put on weight.

But I want to take half now.

Lol, ok, so take half now and see what happens.

Right. Lol glad that was cleared up.

I don’t know it’s the New Moon and all.

Try to just take the buds that look the ripest, and leave the rest.

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Not all will ripen at the same time. Farmers will harvest the same crop at least twice.
Especially: watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, squash and such

Harvest that which is ready…now. The rest maybe two weeks. Your choice.


But when you harvest make sure you’re taking buds in such a way that you’re uncovering the little, immature buds.

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Agree with @raustin.

For me it’s easiest to compare harvesting your cannabis plant to a tomato plant. You don’t harvest all of the tomato’s just because the top third are red and ripe. You wait for the rest to ripen as well.

That being said. If you don’t have space or there are other factors at play. There are points where harvesting the entire plant make more sense.


Thanks peoples. I got up in the middle of the night and hacked off half the plant - it’s basically one of those two-pronged monsters. During the new moon, because I’m superstitious. I left the taller upper part and will harvest that in the light of the full moon in two weeks, while listening to The Cure. Right before Halloween, the most sacred of the profane holidays. Lol


Plus and in related news, I’m trimming a lot of other new harvest I just scored, Robert Bergman’s Gold Leaf no less. Huge buds. I haven’t nailed the taste yet, it’s still on the green uncured side but so far I’m going with… Butter. Or burnt campfire marshmallow. I’ll do pictures in my grow journal.


Congrats on your partial harvest!


Thanks Raustin. I guess actually the bulk of my harvest has happened, I just have a couple plants left.

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