Can I hang my plants in the same flowering tent?


I have multiple strains in my grow tent that get harvested at diffent times. Can I hang them at the same time as the other finish their flowering stage? Meaning lights will be on. Do they have to be hanging in darkness for 7-9 days? Thanks in advance


No! @Frescal the intensity of light will deterioration the thc. You want it dark, 68-72
And a rh of 40-55


You shouldn’t hang them in the same tent. lights must be off and some what cool or humidity at 40 50 % or you will loose potency



Cool thx everyone. I guess I gotta buy another tent. Damm it


You don’t want the lights on when drying or curing. Want to keep it in the dark. The light could degrade the potency of your harvest. :+1:


Just make something out of a big card board box… :wink:

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what about fan and carbon filter?


I forget sometimes that some people have to worry about smell… :wink:
I imagine you could hook those to the box as well…

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