Can i h202 wash drying buds

Hi there.
Ive chopped my plants and have them hanging.
At the time of harvest 20th April 2022
Yes way down under nz actually
Been 5 days now at the time of harvest i didnt get the time to h202 wash my buds.
Just wondering if anyone has experience in this matter.
Is it too late into there drying process to wash them 5 days in.

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i never wash them so i cant really say. At this point i would probably just let them finish drying.


at this point i would only wash if you had good reason to such as appearance of dirt / mold / bugs.

other wise let it ride


Well thats it.
There is potentially mold patches of dead bud rot @alexankh
You can see my more indepth situation on my journal
Blackmoons arising again 2021 2022 woo hoo
I could probably make a link if i had more time or was clever.

Some times i wish a guru lived in my pocket for such issues lol :laughing:

If you can see a lot of mold then theres a lot that you can’t see. Might only be good for edibles. Maybe you can pick out the good parts and toss the rest. Id be checking it with a microscope.

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Thanks @plumbdand

go ahead and wash. maybe increase ratio of h2o2 a bit


If you do wash it, Id use lemon juice, baking soda and water in one bucket and 50/50 on the h2o2 and water in the 2nd bucket. Then plane water in the 3rd bucket.

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I wouldn’t normally use 50/50 h2o2 but in your case it might be necessary