Can i grow marijuana with wick system in shower?


My grow space is an 8-foot tall shower that is 2’ x 2’. I’m looking to make a hydroponic system for four marijuana plants. What’s my best option for lights, hydroponic system, and overall care? I’m kind of on a tight budget with this.

With a 250-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp, you’ll get a substantially bright light for your marijuana garden. Place Styrofoam, Mylar, white polyethylene, or aluminum foil (dull side out) around the stall to efficiently reflect the light.

It’s possible to purchase a cheap commercial hydro system from a hydroponic supply company or you could feasibly build your own. You can find the commercial systems at indoor garden shops and anywhere on the internet. Most of these systems work well, but constructing your own is a lot cheaper, in general.

Extremely reliable wick systems use a nylon cord or rope to pull water-nutrient solution into the container from a reservoir to the medium as it’s being used. The wicks weave through the drainage holes in the container and hang down into the reservoir. These containers are held above water with supports. These systems use planting mixes or horticultural clay pellets on a bed of planting mix as the medium. The water nutrient-solution is moved along to the clay pellets or lava by the planting mix. A level water-soluble fertilizer supplies the nutrients. Keep the containers watered and then fill up the reservoir. No electricity, motor, or pump is needed and the water itself is not pumped so as to prevent accidents. You can even use this system outdoors.

To make a custom-built wick system, thread a piece of 3/16- or 3/8-inch woven nylon rope across the bottom of the container and around the sides so that each end is hanging about 6 inches down the side. Put the container on a block that’s sitting above the 3-inch waterline within a plastic container that is 5 inches high. Fill that container with water-nutrient solution to a level that’s just below the top of the block, taking care to ensure that the wicks are hanging down into the water.

The system is then primed to be used. When new water comes into the system, add it from the tops of the containers to rinse the salts off that have accumulated on the rocks.



If budget is your limiting factor, I would suggest CFL lights and use a DWC Deep Water Culture system. I would also only grow 1 plant at a time. DWC are very easy to maintain.



Gonna be a pain in the arse if you want a shower hope you have a second bathroom to shower in as it can be a bit cold to bathe under a sprinkler in your back yard lol. No offence im Australian and small things amuse small minds lol :smiley: happy growing!!


A 2’x2’ or 2’x3’ ebb and flow table. If you can go to a hydro store and pck it up, this would be inexpensive and perfect for wicking or a small pump. You can run an ebb and flow with a $10.00 sybnersible pump.

Love the idea of a 250 system. Look on ebay for an Ipower digital 250 watt digital system Hood and all the bulbs ) adjustable hangers come in the box… This will allow you to switch bi\ulbs between grow and bloom