-Can I grow from seed to flowering full on outdoors?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi there,
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I have some inquiries id like to run by you related to growing the Afghan I’ve purchased;

-Can I grow from seed to flowering full on outdoors?

  • Are there any nutrients i should have at hand in the next stages? If yes, I dont believe its available where I am, would it trouble you if you shipped whats required throughout all the stages of plantation.

I’ve attached some photos of the seedlings in progress, its been a 5 days, id like to hear your opinion on the growth and overall.


1st welcome to the forum! You should join and you will have all the help you need to get you through your 1st grow!
ILGM sells the nutrients you need or you can purchase them from Amazon. What kind of soil do you have them planted in?
And yes you can grow your plants start to finish outside. There are a lot of out door growers on this site.


Soil Looks sandy and i agree you shoukd join so we can help guide you through the grow
Also what region are you in
And Yes you can grow from seed outdoors
Most of us will start our seeds indoors and transition them outdoors when old enough
Slow transition is best meaning you should not put them in direct sun immediately place them in a shaded area for a few days them direct sun once acclimated


Most of my plant’s spend their entire lives out in the sun. Of course, I have a long growing season.

This year I found that seedlings don’t like getting below 45f. Still alive, but you could tell it stressed them. An odd late cold snap caught me off guard.

Join the forum and there will be plenty of people that live to see you reach a successful harvest…


Yeah 45 is a bit cold for them @FloridaSon for sure but youve gad unusually cold weather down your way this year haven’t you ?


Yeah, real strange this year. Must be all that global warming that made our March colder than February…


Hahaha yeah global warming
We where abncold here as well all winter
So yeah Not a believer myself bro
I caught your sarcasm tho so I believe we are on same page @FloridaSon


75 degrees here today. Tomorrow night low forecast for 29 degrees


You must live in mid west lol that’s the same weather I have plus it’s snowing this morning


Southeast … no one is safe from this crazy weather!


It’s a bit soon to put them out in natural light now. Unless you bought fancy autoflower hybrids, the nights are still too long. They may start flowering immediately and then go back into vegetative mode in May. That’s not good. I would keep them inside under lights for 18 hours a day until then. Or, if it is warm enough outside, you can fool them by shining a light on them for 15 minutes every night around 11 PM or midnight until May. If it is too much trouble and you have more seeds, you could just plant them in May.

If your Afghan is a pure indica strain, it may not be able to take full sun. Just put up a little shade cloth so it gets half sun from 10 AM to 2 PM.