Can I grow autos without tent and grow light

I am trying to conserve on utilities and am wondering if I can start new autos in a sunny room instead of using the lights, heater and mister in my grow tent. Thanks.


Yes indeed you can , just have to keep them happy and thats it with or without a tent !

Like @yoshi said. I have one I’m growing in the room where my tent is in. I take it outside when it is nice out when it isn’t nice out I keep her under a 2ft T-5 florescent light. Until I can put her outside.



You can certainly grow in limited conditions.

However, the plant(s) will do MUCH better when (and if) you can afford to add lighting, good, organic nutrients (aka “nutes”) and a grow tent - even as small as a 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent.

The plant(s) will get bigger, produce more THC and . . . :crazy_face:

Thanks for your reply. I have a nice tent and light but it’s in my basement where it’s cool so I also have to have a heater. Which brings up the electric bills. Trying to do it more affordable and wondering if it’s worth it. When the sun is out the plants will get close to 10-12 hours s day in my office. . Do you think the yield would be much much better in a tent? Thanks for your thoughts.

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Remember windows are designed to cut out UV Rays and thus plants don’t get to be prize winners. The plants need those UV rays.


As long as there is good light and air circulation you sure can! Good luck and happy growing!!!


my 2 hlg 260 xl lights, 2 fans, exhaust fan, and Humidifier running and i see no difference on my bill. (knock on wood)


@Dealra, once your plants start to become a good size, you don’t need to worry about your overnight temperatures really. Keep your pot off of the cold floor and you’ll be fine.

Your basement should make a great space, I rarely need my heater, the lights warm things up enough where I’m pulling a little air in to cool things down.

If you looking to save a little money, start them inside, and get them outside when you’d put your tomatoes in the ground. Harden them off when you do it as you would for the veggies, they need to adjust to the UV.

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I grow mine in a bathroom that never gets used. Keep them in a tub so any runoff goes down the drain


getting used now, for a great purpose lol


So…yes you can grow autos without a tent

This was my Purple kush auto bath tub grow