Can I grow AUTO seeds outside?

Can I grow auto seeds outside in a planter at any given time?

I live in Coastal Georgia and the temperature usually doesn’t get below 50°, I also have a sunroom in case if does get to cold.


Short answer, yes. A perfect situation for an auto IMO.


auto flowers outside will during our Ga summer amber up really fast to the point if you don’t keep an eye out on it will be overripe & give you couch lock.
indoors it might take two or three extra weeks past what the auto flowers claim but for sure it will give the girls more time to fatten up for an extra load of trichromed bud and very worth the wait.

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Now that its September and we’re not facing death by heat and humidity, would to be okay to have them in a planter?

I am West GA, right now is perfect time IF you have no chance of frost before harvest. Biggest issues will be bud rot if it is humid.

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