Can I grow 3 White widow auto's with CFL's ? Closet grow,3x6x8

I have have a small closet grow I’m trying to get going. I’m going to try the White widow auto’s and hopefully be able to grow enough

Will it grow ? Yes, but your yield will suffer. Flowering requires A LOT of intense light to yield anything decent.

This is my white widow autos . I use a 2x4x5 tent with 3 200 watt leds and I yield 4 to 6 ounces in 8 weeks. Yes it’s about light but it’s also about nutrients, proper ph , temp and humidity.

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Wow ! They are very nice ! Thank you for the lift in spirits ! Ok ,so how much do think they will cost ?

200w cfl’s are a little different from the household ones you see people germinate with :wink: that being said, you will need a little more lighting for a 3x6 area :v::bear:

Yes they will grow but small. My 1st attempt to prove that I could get something to grow and cheap is in a shower size grow space using Sun-Blaster CFL . This is week 15 from sprout in soil.1556853606112-328079746|375x500

Im hoping to have 3 at a time growing if possible. I’m just hoping to grow enough to control my cancer, and I have no idea how much each plant should yeild. I’m completely out of my league. Any idea on maybe what to expect?

Just seen one on here yesterday. I thought it was a prank. The person who posted was asking a question and I see this plant with “decent” sized bud on it and all I can see is a couple of CFLs. I said decent not awesome or even good but not bad. I ask the guy what other light he had out of curiosity and so other people wouldn’t think he just had CFLs. He said that was all he had because he couldn’t afford more. I thought to myself if this guy could package his setup he could get rich selling it to others. The genetics he had did ok with the CFLs and it was probably because of the autoflower genes that grow in areas with little light. I doubt the thc and terpenes will be very high but who knows. So yes it can be done. It’s just that it’s been known for a very long time that more light = more bud. This ruderalis cross has changed things. Buy the best equipment you can. If you can’t afford the QBs or COBs go with what you can afford. The most important thing is to just get growing. Happy growing :+1:

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I use these leds because of cost and they use heatsinks instead of fans. Using 2-6" fans and no ac my tents stay at 80 degrees and around 30% humidity. One thing we do different is we keep our lights on 24/7.

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