Can I grow 3 plants in on6gal pail?

Can I grow 3 plants 4" apart successfully, they are females so far.And I been growing outside since beginning of may.

I don’t recommend it. Roots will get tangled up and if one plant has a problem and other two don’t, when you go to fix problem. You could mess the others up. Plus, I’m growing one plant in a 7 gallons fabric pot

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I have been experimenting with growing several plants in one pot it can be done it’s not recommended but I’ve had good luck doing so you wanted a minimum of 3 gallons per plant or it will just keep them small and less you feed it correctly and keep your root system contained in that container without getting it root bound the roots Actually communicate with each other and I’ve noticed if it is deprived of something the other seems to help the other out

7 fems in 20gallon and 3 OG Kush autos to the right


How much did that take to fill?

I have had success with more than one in containers also, they do seem to like the company. I use 18 gallon containers(modified totes) and it takes right at 2cuft to fill one, hope that helps.

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Thanks to all,I’ll keep it this way ,pray for my results and not grow them together next time,huh.

Hmm… I think next year I will plant two or three instead of just one in one of my outdoor plots as an experiment.