Can I give my marijuana plant nutrients yet?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve now got a cheese seedling growing which I got out of a bud which was purchased and it is about 10 days old. I’ve got quite a bit to learn as I’m growing without any help now.

The soil for the seedling had a small amount of compost when planted so I’ve only been giving it small amounts of water sprayed. Can I start giving it small amounts of nutrition yet?

You can start giving your plant nutrients when it has a well developed root system, from seed this can be determined by the plant having a few sets of alternating nodes with the accompanying sets of true leaves.

Have you downloaded and read the free grow bible? Many of these types of questions are answered in it.

Be patient. A plant will grow for weeks without nutrients when started in a medium containing compost, I would wait for plant to grow to about a foot tall, Then knowing it has established a root zone, and that the compost did not burn the plant; I would then add nutrients.


I would go by height and not weeks is a sure way of knowing . A develop root system in a growing plant would be about 12-18 inches tall , I did the week thing and totally had some issues because the seedlings was to young .

I start feeding at about a foot tall,or if the plant starts to tell you it’s needs by watching the lowest leaves for a slight yellowing.That’s usually a sign of lack of N especially,the plant of course needs the other nutes as well by then.