Can I get step by step set up steps?

I need help with two things.

  1. Step by step set up and products needed.
  2. timing

Depends on how big you want your setting and if you are on a tight budget ! ?

  1. you will need to choose your growing spaces : a grow tent, a closet, a room? Hydroponique, aeroponique, soil, containers ? Light système : cfl, hps, mh, led? Reflective mylar if in closet , a fan, ph tester, ppm tester, hygrometer, electric timer, exhaust fan and a carbon filter (for odor control), and nutrients and ph control kit. That’s the essentials.

  2. seedling 20/4, vegetative state 18/6, flowering state 12/12

I hope it is helping you !? :slight_smile:


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If you download the Grow Bible it may answer most of the questions you have.


Please dont post your number just be safe and if you ask us we will help you 100% not good idea with phone and email
Happy growing