Can i get some help here please?

I have a very large super skunk that i just turned over to flower. Being this is my first grow, i have a million questions, but right now i nees to know whats the closest the plant can get to the light before it causes damage to the plant?? I have a new tent on its way but until tuesday i gotta leave her in this one. Shes about 6 inches from the light its hps 250watts. Will she be ok for the next couple of days?


6-8 inches is usually the absolute limit where you’ll start to get light bleaching but of course it depends on where they are in the closet and what light it is


I’m running super skunk for the first time also . I’m on day 2 of flower and mine at least are gaining an inch a day. I think you’re going to run into trouble being that close already. I’d bend her over and try and tie her down to gain some distance :v:
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Hey Tim, your right at the threshold in my opinion, I would scrog the plant, with the trellis net that way you can tuck branches to maximize more flowers.

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Does you light have a dimmer or can yours a kill-a-watt?

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Thanks buddy, good to inow ya


My ballast can go down to 100watts but thats it

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