Can I get some advice on when I should harvest this plant. Please ! TIA

I am 1st done grower, I harvested my 1st plant already last week.
I harvested half of this bruce banner
But this gorilla glue plant, I’m confused if I should harvest or let it keep going… it kind of looks like the bud on the top is growing new growth or new white hairs. Is this normal for this strain. Do you guys think I should harvest… its been 11 1/2 weeks if u count since the day I switched over to 12/12. But if u skip 1 week to trick it, then it’s only 10 1/2 weeks. No amber crystals… just a few on main cola that’s it. N them Amber crystals has been there for days. But none of the other plant has amber… only milky white look ish…

Thank you so much for your help.i appreciate it alot :pray:


Need a jewelers loupe or a microscope to look at the trichomes. Looks frosty as hell tho. Nice plenty!


You got weeks left. Too many white pistils.

On second thought. Use this chart to check over the whole plant. Those white hairs look like they are from foxtailing. Meaning you are at or within a week or two of prime harvest.

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Welcome. ! yeah you still got two or three weeks. Let those buds fatten up. Also notice leafs on top of the plant rolling up ( taco). You may have your light to close. Good luck finishing up.

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