Can I get male plants from Feminized seeds

My wife got some “auto afgan kush feminized seeds” and one of them turned sprouted seeds during flowering. I got it out of my grow tent immediately. Is this something that can happen?

A hermaphrodite is more likely.


But is that a typical problem from Feminized seeds?

Not if they came from a reputable breeder. In most of those cases, it is due to plant stress, typically caused by too much/little pH, light or nutrients. If it is street seed or came from a lesser-known breeder it could be genetics or possibly not even be feminized.


Not exactly typical but it has a higher percentage of hermaphroditing than a regular seed does.

Hermaphrodites can happen from a variety of reasons, stress being one. Regular seeds haven’t ever been altered genetically which in turn makes them genetically more stable. Feminized seeds, as cool as they are, do have some drawbacks because they have already been genetically altered


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