Can I get bucket grow better Outside

I have a 5 gal buckets and i grow autos in them. I have a question. Now when budding begin (40 days old) indoor, i move my ladies out in green house, summer just kick in my latitude. They all have roots sticking out bottom, my question is, if i put them half way in same soil bed what i have inside buckets, if that help? Roots may be damaged, what outside pot. I moved them so much. Is there a change they grow more roots and how beneficial is that for buds?
But there a downside, then i cant move them any more. Usually i get them outside when day kick in and back when sun is setting. How much really this greenhouse polycarb. 4mm take away our good old sun? Thats two questions.

exploding roots are a sign of good growth. if the bucket is large enough, no problem.
full sun is best…

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Yeah tnx, thats all what i know too.
What I want to know if this reasonable thing to do?
Buckets are 4 /5 gallons but roots came out when they com into transison. 10-15 days ago…

Ive done autos before and get nice results in 5 gallons, but this time ive not train them. Inside allways top and lst, but now before summer outdoor grow i let them be Christmas three.
ONE thing what i notice, roots came out much earlier.

If seeing roots bothers you…cut them off…clear the drain holes.

I promise not to tell your grandchildren…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


If you’re wanting to add more soil, you can always cut a few more holes in the bottom of the bucket and set it on top of the soil or bury it a few inches to give the plants more foot space.

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Do what @Growyourown says but put dirt in new 5 gallon bucket and cut big whole in existing buckets and set in new. That way you can still move them around


I think this myself too. How to be mobile and how they get more root space. I just put another half filled bucket there :grin:

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