Can i get a little help new member here

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@Spaceflower here you go
Post any pictures and questions you want here until you get the ability to start your own thread :wink:

Ask all the questions you need the members will help and if i can assist just tag me


@Spaceflower so you jave a ph meter if so what type also what nutrients aee you using or planning on using
Type of soil

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Yes I have pH analysis for liquid, one immersion probe, strips, and the color indicator included in the UpDown package . My water is hard tap at about 180 tds and it sits out about 24hrs before using. I adjust pH between 6.3 - 6.7 and aerate before watering. I am using generic organic potting soil and have just started a feeding cycle with fox farms trio. I’ve fed only once and am coming up on the next feeding probably tomorrow. I am in 5gal cloth pots and water 8oz twice every 7 - 8 days. The seedlings are in Happy Frog soil, about two weeks old, just misting around the plants. They are under the CFLs


Two questions: 1. what are the white fingers sprouting from the stems and 2. on the seedling, is this leaf showing problems and if so suggestions? Thanks much.


the white things are called a pistol that indicates that your entering flowering stage since your growing autos
And flower nutrients should be started
Also water untill you get run off thats the only way to ensure you water entire pot
One of two tbings are happen with leaf that has color issuse eithee ph is off in soil or it hungry
I suspect


@Spaceflower I would recommend a digital ph meter
The strips are not accurate enough imo
Definitely start feed bigger plants fox farm is a good line
I have used them and still keep some on my shelves :+1: feed according to schedule as well
@Hogmaster and advice for our new friend and there autos