Can I flower her?

Oh shit dude, you’ve got a challenge ahead of you. I grew that once, and it stretched like mad when I started flowering. You’re going to have to cut that back, then lst if you plan on finishing in that tent.


I appreciate your response! Yeah I was thinking the same thing when she started stretching every

night LOL I made these little risers for the tent which I can add onto but I am going to take your advice and do some more LST on her.This was just a quick box I threw together to isolate her from another plant that I have in a bigger tent that had some kind of root aphids

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I appreciate your reply! Yeah I didn’t expect her to grow so fast in there LOL I have a bigger tent in another room but I have a plant that is isolated in there due to pest :frowning: :angry:

Thank you for your reply! I have a bigger tent with a plant that is isolated due to pest I guess I can always get rid of that plant and do a thorough sterilization and put her back in that tent :thinking: I can do some more LST on her ….And raise that tent a little more to avoid the other plant

Should I trim off her bottom shoots?

I’d probably just remove the lowest set as I like to clean up the bottom of the plant some before flowering.


It would be all these?


Yes it would.


Nice big plant, I would definitely start the flowering process. and I also vote gently pull and tie the top down to create space. Also look at the cables and rigging on your lights you may be able to get creative and Gain a few inches. Good luck


Bend the sucker over. Put the base in one of the inside corners. Plan on bending her in half. It might help to tie her off near the bottom of the bend to the that corner tent pole. Squeeze and soften the stem above and below where the majority of the bend will occur. Tie the top (use something that will not cut into the stem) and gradually bend her toward the opposite corner. Maybe you can attach the tie to the pipe at the bottom of the tent. Watch how the growth will grow upward from the horizontal branches


I appreciate your response!!! Yeah Iam going to gently bend her and tie her down a bit to make room! Let’s see what happens!!!

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I appreciate your help!!! I am definitely going with your approach!!! So I just squeeze and twist above and below where the bend is going to be?

What do you think is going on with those spots on the top fan leaf :leaves:?

Sorry not much help. Strange it looks like some type of physical damage as opposed to a nutrient or pH issue. Did you by chance spray something?

Squeeze and twist. Soften the stem up as much as possible. Bend it a little, tie it off, and come back and do it some more. Good luck and hope it works for you.

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I appreciate your response!! No, I didn’t spray anything :thinking: I rigged my light to give me a couple more inches and that’s when I noticed the spots. Ok I will squeeze and twist where the bend is and gradually increase the bend. Iam giving 32 hrs of darkness now then I’ll flip the light schedule

Hey everyone, I flipped the light schedule some days ago and I see no signs of flowering… Am I missing something here?

It can take a couple weeks to see buds starting up.


Oh ok,cool! I’ll keep an eye out ! I appreciate your help!!!

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