Can I dry my buds in my Grow Tent?


I’m looking for a good llocation to dry my buds from 2 plants.
Once the grow is finished does anyone ever use the grow tent as a drying location?
Is this good or bad idea?


Absolutely you can. Keep your intake and exhaust fans running and let them slow dry for a couple of weeks.


Absolutely, it’s a perfect place to do your drying. Just turn the lights out and keep the fans on. :slight_smile:


i have used the tent myself @Josephsv exhaust fan a must… filter too…lol


I have a drying rack that fits right in my tent. Works great and also helps with the smell.


That’s cool.
Didn’t even throw they sold that.
Learned a lot during this grow.


I use a rack also. I don’t have a tent but I do use the racks they’re pretty handy. Enjoy your grow


My wife bought me this for Christmas and I finally get to try it out tomorrow on this latest harvest!


You’ve gotten some great advice
I have also used tents in the past to dry my harvest
I try to maintain 72-78 degrees and 50-60% humidity during the drying process a slow dry is best week to 10 days is normally how long it tales me to dry my harvest enough to get it in jars fir the cure


So grow tent it is.
I read somewhere that the buds should hang on a wire upside down.
If I use a drying rack instead does it dry as well?



I am working on my second grow now, the first grow I just dried in my tent. I took the ratcheting hangers that I was using for my lights and hung my plants upside down from them.

I had the exhaust fan running as well as an intake fan running to keep air moving.


I started out drying in my tent but have made a bathroom into drying room so i can immediately use my tent for future grows.


The only issue i have with a drying tack is the buds crush under thier own weight
I also own a rack but ill hang gry my buds minimum of three days before placing in rack to prevent them fro getting flat on one side
It wont hurt you yield or harvest tho of you use one its more of a visual thing for me @Josephsv
The racks work great tho you can fit a boat load on them :wink:
I slso have a separate area for drying so i can get roght back into growing when harvest is over @Laurap


Thank you all for the awesome advise👍