Can I do any trimming?


I have read that trimming is not good but is it possible for me to do any trimming here? They are about to grow outta box and have a few big leaves…


My personal opinion id leave them alone, id get a back up opinion as well, maybe 1or 2 fan leaves would be fine from the lower part of the plant to open up more light to the lower branches


You can trim if you want , but like Majiktoker stated you want to get light thru the whole plant , but if you not sure about what leaves to cut , just tie them down and stretch it out will help also with some soft string , bread wrappers , thin copper wits etc and that will help also cause your fan leaves is what absorb the light that the plant transfer into energy for photosynthesis , but don’t get cut happy , just cut the leaves that shadow other budding sites where buds will form so they get plenty of light and you should be fine , now remember if you in veg more leaves will grow , but in flower once they gone they won’t grow again ?