Can I cut away bud rot?

Hello again. Upon examining my outdoor plant for harvest. ( Goldleaf) I discovered some bud rot. Can it be trimmed away? Or is the whole cola?

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I’ve seen some bud rot the past couple of days. Trim it off and watch that branch closely.

Happy growing!

Yes , you can cut it out an remove.

Wear gloves, have a trash bag ready and I would spray down the whole plant with a mild peroxide solution. Continue that daily until harvest. Do a defoliate to increase airflow and if you can run a fan out to the plants outside it will help too.

I would also plan on doing a bud wash at harvest.


I have actually just started reading about bud washes. Can recommend a good method? Also wouldost Coast Plant Therapy be strong enough or no? I actually plan on harvesting I’m the next day or 2.

Never heard of it.