Can I add Cali-Magic to RO water then add to Res?

I think I know the answer… but what do I know…

That’s what you folks are for. :laughing:

Seriously, y’all are fantastic!

Thanks for reading my post

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I’m not a hydroponics grower but yes you can


@HornHead Thanks… I need all the help I can get

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No problem. You can also look on your chosen nutrient line’s grow schedule which should tell you the order for (some of) the nutrients. Silica is one that’s added before anything else, for example.


Thanks Myfriend

I have been mixing by schedule, with Si

I know CAMAG has to go in before everything except Si.
I worried that adding Calmag into the res might cause a lockout.

I should have been more clear. The Res in question already has a proper nut mix. I really think the ladies could use some ca-mag. Thought I might be able to do it with out doing a res change

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You are fine; dump it in.

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Much thanks Myfriend… you are da man!

What is RO water?

Reverse osmosis

Thanks. All I could think of was “run off”. :thinking: