Can HPS lights can be used in the germination and seedlings stage?


Instead of setting up CFLs for seedling stage, can I dim HPS lights by 50-75%.
The advantage is I don’t need two different setups. It seems much simpler.
What do you think? I am a newbie and will start with one or maximun two plants.

Thank you for help in advance.


Yes I just did it


Thank you for your prompt reply.


Yes it can; And; As with the Sun, we must take precautions to keep the lamps far enough away to not scorch the seedlings.


Hi, I use HPS all the time. Just watch them for stretching as seedlings will try under HPS light. Mike


How far would i have too hang HPS bulb over my 2 seedlings? I have 600 watt hps light and also is that to high wattage for seedling or do i have to set it to 400 watts?


By all means set it to 400 if you can. That is exactly what I used from new clones to finish first time around. Worked fine.