Can Herm Seeds Be used to grow

My first batch of ILGM GDP turned out very good, however, in a ramdom Bud here and there i get a good looking seed. i’m up to about 20 now.
Can i use those seed and will they produce just as good weed as their Mother/Father was?

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They will grow just fine, although you’ll have a high chance of them herm on you, resulting in more seeds.


Did u find any small white r yellow flowers when trimming ur harvest, any nanners make an unwanted appearance? If so then ur plant hermmed on her own, meaning more than likely any seeds produced will also herm. If ur lady was pollenated by a male u should b golden.

You can but as stated already theres a better chance of them also being herm as they came from hermed plant. Just be aware that if you miss a pollen sack and it pollinated your whole tent that could be 3-4 months wasted time… I personally would never start a seed from a herm plant but thats just me! Plenty of people have grow good cannabis from herm seed just isn’t for me.

Will grow like every other plant but I certainly wouldn’t clone it because the hermi gene can definitely carry over. In you dont mind possibly having seeded bud then go for it.

Thank You. No, No Flowers, just about 10-15 seeds on only the one plant


Thank you, Thank You. It was just about 10-15 seeds on only the one plant


Can you smoke plants that had seeds (I think a male plant got to my whole crop of 4 plants.)

The buds will be seedy and less bud, but it does smoke ok