Can heat cause this issue?

So basically, I went away for a few days, after watering my plants with a decent water. I came back to find that my extraction fan had broken, so all of the hot air had stayed in the tent.
My tent was like 27°c to 29°c, and my one plant had a load of droopy leaves that were yellowing, and slightly browning, and the plant looked in real bad shape.
Its in flower, and I’m hoping that I can save her.
I’ll take a picture of the plants later on, but here is a picture of the leaves I’ve had to prune.
I’ve pruned like 10 times the amount in the picture
Thank you guys

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Welcome ! I see slight nute burn on tips of leafs. Post a picture of plant will get you more feedback.
Happy growing

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Those leaves might have a little issue but no need to prune, in fact autoflowers don’t take to pruning that well as there is no rebound time like photos. Unlike photos we don’t choose when autos begin to flower so any disturbance can cause setback. Moving forward don’t prune and instead look at the new growth. What’s done is done on the old growth and will never look the same. Heat, lack of air exchange and possible watering issues may have contributed. May I ask what you are feeding her and how much?


So I’m using the Living soils organic dry amendment fertiliser bundle.
I mixed the grow nutrients and some of the bloom 1 nutrients into the soil, and let sit for 2 weeks before using to pot my plants with. Along with a mix of worm castings, normal soil, and perlite.

The plants seemed to respond to these nutrients, and are looking like the nicest crops I’ve had yet.

So then I started top feeding now they are in flower with the bloom 2 mixture, by adding 1tbsp per gallon of soil to the top, and then rubbing/mixing it into the top layer of soil.

Again, it seemed fine for the last 2 weeks, and I’m about to top feed again.

Just my opinion as I have grown alot and for a long time, that you do not top autos. Do it as an experiment but know your yield will be far less and plant might respond with small fluffy flowers, or do you mean top dress feed and not top and feed?

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Maybe I am misunderstanding and you mean topdress

So I topped these plants in the beginning, and they seem to be doing fine so far, as I’ve also been lsting them.
What I meant is top dress the soil before watering.
Here are pictures of the plants, and the nutrients.

Ps. I know I should only have 2 plants in a 2x4 tent, but I’ve got another tent arriving tomorrow, so started some others off about a month ago to put Into it


Had to re-upload the nutrients picture

Awesome man, next try photos as you can manipulate them in so many ways, have a greater yield, feed differently, larger playing field over all!!


Very nice ! Overall I don’t see anything to worry about good light penetration, an airflow.
keep up the good work.

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Ahh sweet, okay then. It must have just been due to the plants sitting there with stale hot air for a couple of days.

Will post an update in a week

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Yeah, The new tent is 6.5ft, So a bit taller than my current one. That is partly the reason why I ordered the new tent, so I could do photos without them staying rather small