Can ene what's going on with my plants



Can ene one tell me were to get the best seeds t


Right here:

Happy growing,



York at the best place to get them


So far I have been very satisfied with the progress of my ILGM seeds and the support from thier site . I would suggest white widow as just about the easiest to grow these little plants are like tanks they are tough


ilgm has great seeds and even better customer support! try these guys,they will put a smile on your face! they did me…


the seeds from here are like tony says


My first seeds were ILGM Super Skunk… nearly 4 years later - it’s still one of my faves! So stinky and sticky. Customer service is awesome too!


I have 10 of the super skunk seeds from Robert’s special 5+5 free sale special last month but just started a gold leaf and girl scout cookies extreme so they will go in the next grow with a green crack


I too like a variety in my garden!! my first pick was the auto flower mix 3*5


The Girl Scout looks really nice. Might order that next time! Roberts Blueberry got massive for me. Great strain… actually all of his strains have been great. I’ve grown quite a few of his and they always perform.


Your here ILGM seeds for sure


Right here where your choice is made simple and all strains has a description , climate , and quality of what medical benefits the strain helps . Best seed bank and 96% germination rate and replacemwent seeds .


Get them here! I got the 5+5 free white widow autos and they’re awesome.

Best service and forum support is fantastic. Never grown before and I’m doing okay :ok_hand:t2:.

Good luck with your grow!


How long will it take it get to Australia seeds ??


Mine took just over 8 days to NZ this was very fast. I’d expect around the same for AU.


Sweet thanks heaps mate