Can compost tea burn plants?

Hey guys, I may have just messed up big time. I’m doing all organic in 10 gal pots and I’m 10 days into flower. I brewed a compost tea recipe that calls for 5 gal of water and diluting it 50/50. The problem is I only used 4 gal of water so that it wouldn’t foam over so bad. I was going to add another gallon when it was done and then dilute it 50/50 but forgot to do it and water plants with it. Is this ok or is this bad? It’s the bloom tea recipe. Thanks

Depends whats in the tea. A nute is a nute so thoretically it could. However, ive never heard of a tea (organic growing) of harming a plant.


Ok awesome. Thanks

Yes, comfry tea and many guano teas are brewed with the intention of dilution. It is very possible to overdo it with a tea. My neighbors comfry tea is brewed over several days, it stinks real bad when ready. The tea is then added to a gallon of water at a couple tablespoons at a time! It would be far too strong straight up!
Always best to follow instructions because people have already made the mistakes you would like to avoid.
Any time you over blast a plant and the plant is showing it, prepare to dilute with successive straight waterings. In soil it must be done very slowly so as not to suffocate your plants. Also, overdoing it in organics is very bad because you will need to dilute the goodness too. So please dont try to push plants, they can only eat so fast!

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Thank god it ended up working out. Guess the extra gallon wasn’t vital. But I’ve come to find less is more with organics. Thanks for all the advice peeps